Can you buy car insurance monthly?

Finding a great deal on car insurance should be straight forward and (visit it here; or you can try carsofthepast!) certainly believe that a simple and easy to navigate website is a crucial part of searching.

The website is not top loaded with information and jargon likes some of its rivals. simply tells you what you need to know and gives you a button to click where you can navigate to an equally simplistic page in order to get a quote.

Whether you think this simplistic approach is best is a matter of personal taste, but one thing you can be sure of is the fact that you won't spend hours filling in fiddly boxes asking for personal information that is largely irrelevant to your situation.

This stripped back approach to web design maybe the reason why the site loads so quickly when using both a laptop and a smartphone.

The thing that you will notice when logging on with different devices is that the site's appearance changes. On the main site you are given an in-depth explanation of how car insurance works when it is paid for on a monthly basis with a large deposit and you have two buttons that will take you through to the information page for a quote.

The mobile site is much simpler (yes, that is possible). You are greeted by a smiling green car and given the basics of what the site offers with the option of again clicking through to the page that gathers your details and finds you the best possible quote.

If a criticism is to be levelled at the site it is that its simplicity may lead people to question its professionalism. Unfortunately, we live in an age where some people are drawn in by fancy designs and flowery language rather than a solid product or end result.

Pop-ups, videos, scrolling texts and decorative borders may catch the eye but they really are not that important. What is imperative is that at  you get exactly the information you need to make an informed choice, you get cover that suits your needs and, perhaps most importantly, you get a monthly price for car insurance that fits your budget and doesn't carry additional charges or require you to put down a hefty deposit.

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