Where to find live midi sites

Like popular cars, MIDI file sites come, MIDI file sites go, usually as a result of copyright issues. Some sites offer blatant rip-offs, some have their own material which they are happy to share under certain restrictions, some offer genuinely public domain material. There is criminal fringe, however, that rip off files that are copyrighted by other people and offer them for sale; but then the world as a whole contains a percentage of scammers and cheats, and the Web is not their only hunting ground. In particular, it is as well to be aware of the above points when searching for files that you want to use on websites, YouTube videos or other promotional material. Generally speaking, if the site asks for payment in any other way than PayPal or credit card you should be very suspicious, if it has a proper shopping cart with payments accepted by a trusted third party then there is more chance that it is legitimate but there is still no cast iron guarantee.

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OK that's the commercial over (it's a good site and worth visiting though). We have attempted and continue to attempt to produce an up-to-date list of legitimate websites. This is an ongoing project and from time to time we come across a site which is no longer maintained or which is obviously best to avoid and we delete the links to these. If you come across any such sites or you feel that any of them are breaching your own copyright in any way please let us know and if we are satisfied that the link to the site should be taken down we will do so within a reasonable time. We cannot, however, police the entire Internet; even the mighty Google has admitted the same thing.

If you feel that your site should be on our list too, then please drop us an email and we'll take a look at it.

Do bear in mind that even if a site allows you to download a MIDI file that they own the copyright on you cannot, in the vast majority of cases, just do whatever you wish with it; there will almost certainly be restrictions imposed by the copyright owner and people who breach these restrictions can be, and often are, prosecuted. It may sound Draconian that we are pointing this out but although we would be in favour of more relaxed copyright laws they are what they are, and a lot of artistes and other music producers try very hard to see that they are enforced.

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